May 20, 2012

shall we dance??

i was imagine a girl with dress up.
wondering who can dance with her:D

this was a practice drawing.
every time i draw,i got a comment that my drawing hard.
so i drawi it more natural(softly).

i need to work hard more:D

but totally it was fun to draw on my own!!!!! 

May 13, 2012


i decided to draw more often to keep my skill up.

But today I realize that I haven't draw today I draw some characters just for a break:D

It was a good refresh for me.

And also I recently but an art book,Sketch Travel.
All the painting make feel more to draw! It is gave me really goof inspriation!

May 6, 2012

photo of Ise City

i went to Ise Jinguu last weekend.
I took some photo.

So i decided to upload it.


Japan has long vacation right now.
so i had a time to sketch on my own.
it`s great to draw.

i had a challenge to think with speed sketch.

now i going to sketch with my pencil.

i hope you like it:D
see you!