Nov 4, 2012

First Drawing with iPad

This is my first drawing using iPad.
I can't use it easily but I got other fun time with iPad.
And this make more easy to upload my drawing before,i guesss:D

Jul 22, 2012

speed painting

this weekend I had a short time to draw.

So I decided to practice speed painting.
It took about an hour.

Jun 5, 2012

I draw this character for my friend.
But this can`t be usedX(

So I decided to uploaded!:D

May 20, 2012

shall we dance??

i was imagine a girl with dress up.
wondering who can dance with her:D

this was a practice drawing.
every time i draw,i got a comment that my drawing hard.
so i drawi it more natural(softly).

i need to work hard more:D

but totally it was fun to draw on my own!!!!! 

May 13, 2012


i decided to draw more often to keep my skill up.

But today I realize that I haven't draw today I draw some characters just for a break:D

It was a good refresh for me.

And also I recently but an art book,Sketch Travel.
All the painting make feel more to draw! It is gave me really goof inspriation!

May 6, 2012

photo of Ise City

i went to Ise Jinguu last weekend.
I took some photo.

So i decided to upload it.


Japan has long vacation right now.
so i had a time to sketch on my own.
it`s great to draw.

i had a challenge to think with speed sketch.

now i going to sketch with my pencil.

i hope you like it:D
see you!

Apr 21, 2012

speed painting

this is a practice of speed painting.
And i had a image  of drawing some kind of egg.

hope you like it.

Apr 15, 2012


this weekend i saw love story movie about 2 girl and boy.
I got some inspiration from the movie.:D

Apr 3, 2012

practice of painting

it`s been long time to upload my drawing.

today, i got a time to draw so
i decided to draw some animal.

i saw some examples and draw it.

Mar 20, 2012

A girl

it been rough day recently.
and i couldn`t make a time to draw.
today, i had a time to draw but couldn`t finish it.
so i decided to upload drawing which i draw it from my personal animation.

i made an animation for my friend.
she was a performer and wanted to collaborate with an animation.

i sraw a lot of sweets!
it was fun time to draw many kinds of sweets!:D

Mar 3, 2012


It was a long to upload m drawing.
It`s so busy time in these days.
But it feels good to draw free.
But during this time I had a good time to think about drawing.
How to draw, to think good!

I need to make more time to draw on my own!:D

Feb 19, 2012


I couldn`t try to upload my illustrations recently・・・X(
I need to try to make my time.
It`s a bit rough day.

Jan 16, 2012


this drawing is one my friend ask me to paint.

it was really fun time with drawing:D

Jan 12, 2012

rough sketches

These were some sketches of my old age.
I think I draw it when I was student.
And while I was cleaning my data today, I found it.
So I uploaded:D

Jan 6, 2012


I had an idea of down the ocean where no one can reach easily.
There is a city, and you could not tell there are no one living right now.

These are the images I had when I was drawing.
I hope you like it:D

Jan 5, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy 2012XD!!

This is my new year`s greeting card.
2012 has begun and I hope this year will be peace to everyone.

My resolution toward 2012 are...

1.Keep uploading this blog toward 2013:D

2.Try to use English more.

3.Go out more!Last year I couldn`t go outX(

4.Learn more!


6.Be gentle and keep smile at most:D

That`s all I guess.