Jan 16, 2012


this drawing is one my friend ask me to paint.

it was really fun time with drawing:D

Jan 12, 2012

rough sketches

These were some sketches of my old age.
I think I draw it when I was student.
And while I was cleaning my data today, I found it.
So I uploaded:D

Jan 6, 2012


I had an idea of down the ocean where no one can reach easily.
There is a city, and you could not tell there are no one living right now.

These are the images I had when I was drawing.
I hope you like it:D

Jan 5, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy 2012XD!!

This is my new year`s greeting card.
2012 has begun and I hope this year will be peace to everyone.

My resolution toward 2012 are...

1.Keep uploading this blog toward 2013:D

2.Try to use English more.

3.Go out more!Last year I couldn`t go outX(

4.Learn more!


6.Be gentle and keep smile at most:D

That`s all I guess.