Dec 26, 2011

cow cow

I found out my old memory character.
I think I draw this dor my new year`s card.:D

In Japan,there are traditonal thing around new year.
We all send new year`s card just like christmas card.
And there`s also Chinese astrology with it.
Next year is a dragon.
So right now I`m work on it.

I`m not sure I can make it before this year ends:D

Dec 24, 2011

merry Xmas

I already put up christmas, but I remake it.
I hope everyone spend wonderful christmas:D
Merry christmas to all!!!!!!!!!

Dec 20, 2011


sketch of a boy:D
during i was drawing this boy i was wondering if i could imagine this boy`s story.

Dec 16, 2011


this year I draw a lot of Christmas sketches.
This is one of it!:D

Living in Japan, it is difficult to get Christmas tree,especially the real one,so never had a chance to decorate it after coming back from America.

It was a nice memory about spending Christmas in America and decorating Christmas tree.
If I wouldn`t been to America I don`t get to decorate the real Christmas tree!I guess.
Japan has a fake one but there`s not enough room for itX(

I hope everyone spend a nice Christmas and new year hope you like it:D

Dec 4, 2011


He is not real prince:D

He`s a little selfish.
And he wanted to be real prince!


to tell the truth, I wasn`t thinking:D

instead, I start to draw and some how to me,
I wanted to draw dragon.
But also it seem to be deer X(

But I like it♪:D

Dec 3, 2011

my image was there two sister wondering around the forrest.
And found out the village at last.

wedding dress

my sis brought wedding magazine,i don`t know why.
But looking at dress made me draw:D
I think I really like fashions too.

Dec 2, 2011

I found one of drawing  I did a year ago.
I did it for my friend.

She told me to draw an American girl.
Sorry, if it doesn`t see as an American girl X(

But I don`t use to draw a girl who have freckles so it was new to me and enjoyed drawing.


Nov 30, 2011

these were painted in watercolor.
first, I wasn`t pretend to draw animals but somewhere during I was fooling around.
To me I imagine animals.:D
I hope everyone seem to be some kinf of animal.ha ha ha:D

Nov 29, 2011


This is not the end.
It`s just a halfway, but posted just for recording.

I`m thinking to make it more fun place.

Nov 28, 2011


this is an animation I worked on last year.
It`s about a girl fallen in love.
And wanted to know how he feel.

I wonder there is an fortune with flower?

Nov 26, 2011


first, I wasn`t thinking what I was going to draw.
But, playing around my photo and becoming to start image adventure.
And he found crystal!

It was really fun to draw:D

Nov 25, 2011

i draw this painting for my friend.

I couldn`t  had enoug time so I draw it very rough X(

But drawing this, I realize that i like to draw animals!:D

Nov 22, 2011


Looking a a art book of PIXAR make me draw:D
It was eraly wonderful art!

The color was splendid.
I wish I could make warm color.
Choosing color is one of my difficult thing.

Nov 20, 2011

i was thinking about a aboy flying in the sky
Making character is really difficult.

Nov 19, 2011

image of Little Red Riding Hood

this is a painting for practice.

i finish this up around 1hour or less.

Right now, making to understand about value.

Nov 17, 2011

Nov 11, 2011

wedding card

This was a drawing for my friend that she was going to marry.
And I wanted to give something to her.

Nov 5, 2011


I wanted to tried to draw pancake.

But never to have a chance to make it, recently.

Oct 31, 2011

this is a character i made up♪
it`s a crab.

and I wanted to make this character with smile:D

Oct 28, 2011


this time,I put it a picture drawn with watercolor.
Though I wasn`t expected to draw rabbit:D

Oct 27, 2011

Oct 26, 2011

happy birthday

this is one of my illustration form my friend.
i wish i could have a chance to eat those big cakes:D

Oct 25, 2011

Oct 22, 2011

watching Coraline and sketch to practice how to draw more enchant line.
hmm... it is really difficult to figure out about painting.